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Yael kaduri Contemporary jewelry_2.jpg


2024, a series of brooches


PVB, Brass, Silver, Spring Steel 

Each craftsmanship has its own secrets and treasures. Through years of practice, artisans develop their own skills, and traditional crafts get an enigmatic touch under the hands of each of them. How can innovative digital techniques enrich the world of art jewelry without putting this essence in risk?

My work presents first results of an experimental process, exploring this question. Using a home 3D printer, I seek to develop new craftsmanship skills for the design of precious jewelry from cutting-age polymers.

Yael Kaduri_parametric design_3_edited.j
Copy of Yael Kaduri 3D printing Jewelry_1_edited.jpg
Copy of Yael Kaduri_parametric design_3_edited.jpg
Yael kaduri Art jewelry_2.jpg
Kaduri_Digital Alchemy.c_3.jpg
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