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Sea Veils

2021, a series of neck pieces


PVB, PLA, epoxy, epoxy paint colors, glass

The inspiration for the series was tiny invertebrate ocean creatures with translucent body volumes, through which their internal organs and structures are visible. I was fascinated by the optical aspect of their transparency, and the play with light and layers. I was also inspired by the way these creatures express the contrast between gentleness and aggression that characterize the depths of the ocean. I wanted to create a kind of veils for the neck that move on the range between stiffness and tenderness. I designed the shapes in 3D software and printed them on a home 3D printer. The printing enabled me the creation of intertwined objects, relatively large and solid, yet translucent, light and fine.

The project was done during studies at Bezalel Arts and Design Academy, Jewelry and Fashion Dep, 2021.

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