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I am a 3D jewelry designer based in Jerusalem. I have come to the field in recent years, after a long academic career as a musicologist and an assistant professor at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. In 2022 I graduated from bachelor studies at the Jewelry and Fashion Department of Bezalel. My academic research explores the interconnection between music and the visual arts, and influences my creative work – mainly in my attraction to parametric design.

In jewelry I find a special way of expression. The possibility of inserting a whole world into a capsule is what fascinated me. The jewel for me combines concentration, accuracy, enigmatic essence and delicacy with communication and body-awareness. The main sources of my inspiration are the natural worlds and the aesthetic ideals of Japanese traditional crafts. 

Today I focus on a product-development research in an attempt to come up with some new craftsmanship skills to design precious jewelry by using 3D printed polymers, combined with casted metal and traditional goldsmith. My hybrid innovation, which I call “digital precious”, pushes the boundaries of technology in its small scale, multi-coloring, transparency, and the manipulation of the 3D printing craft.

3D Jewelry Designer Yael Kaduri

Photographer: Yael Weksler

Dr. Yael Kaduri

3D jewelry designer, combining 3D printing with traditional craft

Faculty member, Bezalel Academy of arts & Design, Jerusalem

Ph.D, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Assistant

Bachelor from Jewelry and Fashion Dep., Bezalel Academy

3D Jewelry Designer Yael Kaduri

Photographer: Yael Weksler

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